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Blender - F16 LIGHTNING Panel

With this panel, the illumination of the cockpit can be selected by the pilot, it is located at the right console below the HUD Remote Control Panel.

The three top dials are rotary dials that dim the brightness of the console, instrument panels and the Data Entry Display (DED).

The next pair of dials from left to right are an OFF-HIGH INT dimmer of the floodlight and a dimmer control for brightness of the instrument panels over the floodlights.

The only toggle switch on the panel is a 3-Way switch, it toggles between the Malfunction and indexer lights to maximum brightness or a dimmer light. The centre position is not used.

The model was created in Blender 2.81 for the Cycles engine, the textures and materials are PBR based. The model has been rigged with a simple Empty for easy animation.